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long-term stable
converting circuits

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DC-DC power supply

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Micromaching sensors

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Typical Applications
inertial Track Surveying

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Amicrosystems activities are focused towards development of a wide range of semi-custom high precision electronics and MEMS sensors combining high reliability and high performance. The main applications are in the fields of strapdown inertial navigation, industrial grade sensing and instrumentation

High precision three-channel current-to-frequency converter

As a special way of analog-to-digital conversion, the current-to-frequency (I/F) conversion has unique properties of measurement information being not missed and excellent bias stability. Datasheets are available upon request

AMI I/F Converter Overview (in English)

AMI I/F Converter Overview (in Chinese)

High precision three-channel current-to-digital converter

The 24-bit resolution module operates as an interface to current-output sensors. Excellent bias and scale factor stability, extremely low non-linearity and temperature drift. All parameters are slightly better than I/F, except the bias stability is slightly lower than I/F

AMI-AD1224 Datasheet

Isolated dc-dc miniature power supply module

The isolated DC-DC miniature power supply module provides galvanic isolation and highly protected output, increasing the long-term reliability with extremely high conversion efficiency, low output ripple less than 10mV, low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

AMI-DCDC5V3A Datasheet

About us

The company was founded in 2013 in Neuchatel, in the heart of the renowned Swiss microtechnology and watch industry. The company involves the research, development and manufacture of high precision electronic products and micromachining sensors.

Our vision

To be the preferred source of precision electronics and high-performance sensors for our customers, driven by our passion for excellence and innovation

Our mission

To provide precision solutions for high value-added applications

Seeks to exploit applications that demand high reliability, high performance

Our values

Honesty, Respect, Transparency

Inspire Creativity, Passion, Optimism

Contact us

Amicrosystems SA

Rue de la Maladiere 71C

Case Postale 672

2000 Neuchatel


Tel. +41 32 930 29 59


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